Already the end of 3D ?

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let’s face it: 3D glasses are annoying. Ok, Avatar was cool. It seemed it was the start of a brand new era for the movie production business. Some movies were converted into 3D right after the “Avatarmania.” It was a technical disaster (Clash of the Titan). Because most studio execs only saw in 3D the way to generate more revenue, they did not act with wisdom when deciding which movies should be 3D.

Here are some interesting thoughts on the subject by a studio exec from DreamWorks: link to the article

Beyond the debate around 3D, I believe the fact that audiences turned their back on this feature tells more about the future of cinema theaters. With 3D, one might think that it was a major shift in the way audiences live their movie experience. You don’t go just to see a movie: you’re living an experience, an event. If this drop of 3D is confirmed, this would be the sign that movie distribution is not quite ready to enter into a new phase. Studies show that when watching a 3D movie, people are both reluctant to the price and also the technology (glasses). The transition toward digitalized cinema went very smoothly. You expect the best quality when going to the theater.

Is it too soon ? I don’t think so. I just believe the way 3D is designed right now is not the correct one. It’s not “audience friendly” enough to make it essential. Avatar was truly a one shot success.



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