Filming during concerts

November 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

AT LAST! The song everyone has been waiting for is starting. But at the same time hundreds of little screens appear. No flash. The massive recording has begun. Most recording devices are cellphone or still cameras with video recording capabilities.

I must say I quite baffled by the phenomenon. I’ve been watching those kind of people: most of them are not enjoying the song. They actually find a way to attend a live event through a screen. I get that you want to bring a souvenir home, a picture, maybe a short recording. But let’s be honest: can one be truly satisfied with the image and sound quality that comes from this kind of recording? Anyway. Then I realized that YouTube is full of short videos featuring 2 or 3 minutes of a concert. Again, not a big fan but hey, that’s the whole point of YouTube. So be it. And then, I come across this kind of article.

I can already see the massive bugs that will occur if this is released. But mostly: what’s the point?? The content we are talking about is really low quality, usually very short. I can only see 2 reasons for inventing such a useless pattern: 1- Try to sell official DVD’s from the concert. But who buys that? People don’t care about that kind of merchandise anymore? I have seen any in the three last concert I have been to. Artist usually provide many acoustic videos and live performance on their facebook page or myspace. 2- Try to sell more ticket.s Why? Organizers are afraid that people will get satisfied with an online video? If not completely not true, it might be the opposite. Because you get only a glimpse of the atmosphere of the concert on YouTube. To me it’s all for the best: the watcher gets frustrated, wants to go and maybe will check out the date for the next performance. And let’s face it: if people want to record a concert, they will just do it.

Concerts are packed. It’s a fact. Prices are at their highest level (good job Live Nation). So no way to add a fake problem to the music industry. The cup is already full.

– Emmanuel


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