Google shows you how horrible your website looks on a phone

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Have you ever been to the website of an arts organization that has a frustratingly complex and seemingly useless website? I’m guessing that if you tried to access the same website on the 4 inch screen of your phone, it would be even more rage-inducing. In order to prove to other people that your website doesn’t look as good as you thought it did, google has started a new mobile initiative called GO|MO. For the low price of free, gomo quickly analyzes your website and shows that what it would look like on a virtual android compatible mobile device. After answering a few short questions, it grades your site on on how mobile-friendly it is using the adorable "sad face to happy face" scale that is rarely seen these days. I used the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati as and example and it fell roughly in the middle of the mobile friendly scale, losing points for text that is hard to read but gaining points for loading in 1.6 seconds (the average that gomo compares against is 5 seconds).

Like google analytics, another wonderful open-source google resource, gomo is easy to use and can quickly inform you on how your website is viewed by your patrons. It will also let you print out a full 6 page .pdf report on your website, just in case your boss wants a more official looking hard copy of your grades to post on the break room fridge. The site became available today, so go ahead and check out how your website fares.



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