Cost-Effective Options for Fundraising

October 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

As arts organizations continue to struggle along with the economy, I am noticing a surge of fresh ideas in how to be more efficient and effective in the not-for-profit community. Options such as DonorPerfect Fundraising (see for a press release on this) or GoodSearch ( are providing new options for smaller (and larger) organizations without much of a budget to commit to fundraising or staff.

I am especially impressed by along with, which I feel are both great adaptations to the behaviors of today’s consumers. Everyone does everything online now, including their shopping. While the option to donate online has been fairly standard in arts organizations’ websites for a while, it can be cumbersome (relatively speaking) for a potential donor to have to go to an organization’s website, navigate its pages and go through the hoops of entering their information to make a contribution. While the reward of feeling warm and fuzzy is great, provides people with an additional incentive, shopping, something people do regardless of whether or not they make a donation. This website kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. Also, when you register on their website, you can indicate which nonprofit organizations you’d like to contribute to via your online searching or shopping, so users are in control of where their funds are going. While GoodSearch or GoodShop cannot replace the larger and more significant contributions, which require a more personal approach, these options can provide a way of attracting an entire new pool of donors, along with getting more out of current donors.

– Anna


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