New Social Media Site Launched for Nonprofits

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

A new social media/online fundraising site for nonprofit organizations and charitable causes was unveiled earlier this week called Jumo. The site was created by Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook, and takes a different approach than that from other online fundraising sites.

According to their site: “Jumo aims to build lasting relationships to the causes you care about. We’re not interested in a one-time donation or a $10 text message to a cause or organization you never return to; Jumo is interested in building an informed community of people invested in the long-term successes of effective organizations.”

Jumo promotes building relationships and social networks with causes/organizations – eventually with the anticipation that this leads to donations (which is done through the Network for Good site). So far people using Jumo must have a Facebook account in order to sign up and follow organizations, in addition to following their friends’ causes.

Jumo seems like it could have a huge potential for arts organizations to gain volunteers and donors. People donate to organizations they feel connected to, and if they have friends who recommend and promote causes online, they are more likely to follow suit.

On the other hand, Jumo adds to a growing number of online fundraising sites, like Razoo, Global Giving, the Causes application for Facebook,, FirstGiving, and the list goes on. While these are all great for raising needed support for nonprofits, it can be a lot of work for an organization to make sure they have a presence on multiple sites. And many sites have different requirements for being included and varying charges for processing donations, which means more information to track.

I anticipate that eventually one or two of these types of sites will prevail as the dominant ones, much like Facebook did over Myspace. Since Jumo is tied in to Facebook, and considering there has been significant buzz surrounding it (the site had technical difficulties earlier this week supposedly due to an overload of users), I think its chances are good, at least for now, for being successful.



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