Does the public even care?

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been following the DSO labor negotiations since they began. It has not been pretty. The musicians finally dropped their “bad faith” suit, and are now back in negotiations with management. At least the future looks a little more promising for the DSO, but not really.

The most disturbing aspect of the articles is not the articles themselves but the comments. If you look at the current article on (link below) you will see some nasty comments. Of course it makes sense for comments to be about musicians being babies, the management’s incompetence, or their two cents on how to solve it, but there is more. People are demanding they not be taxed. People are convinced that they will be bailing out the orchestra! Their city was just bailed out with BILLIONS of dollars, now they are afraid of saving an orchestra .00001% the size (not to mention tax money doesn’t support that orchestra)?

Here are a few gems “Start fund raising activities,if you care..HANDS OFF MY TAX MONEY” or “They are playing their "swan song" – $76,000 is much too much money for their music & their union makes more.” or “A couple of years ago,Monica Conyers said the DSO was one of Detroit’s Jewels.Why should the suburbs pay for one of Monica’s jewels?NO NEW PROPERTY TAXES!”

Apart from the lack of coherent statements, there is a very basic lack of understanding of what is going on. People apparently are ruthless for the sack of being a jerk. This is what I do not like about web 2.0, social media, and how things are going. Anybody can be an author, and who knows who is going to find your comments (god knows I did think one of my posts would have been found by an angry reader!).

If only the ignorant kept their comments to themselves. Alas, they are the ones most likely to post.



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