Are robots the new actors?

November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

In Osaka, Japan the theater director Oriza Hirata added a life-like robot to the cast of its play, Sayonara.

The robot, named Geminoid F, portrayed a part-Russian, part-Japanese female care giver android in charge of a girl suffering a fatal illness.

Mr. Hirata believes androids are not here to replace actors but to become a new part in a play. This is not the first time he has a robot in his cast. He stated that an “Android can look very similar to human actors; but more than that, we can technically create a superior actor by featuring all good techniques of human actors such as staring, moving, and talking”.

On the other side, the American actress Bryerly Long that share scenario with the robot stated “I kind of feel like I am alone”. The android was imitating the movements and voice of a human actress that was in a soundproof chamber behind stage by using cameras and a microphone. But of course it was lacking human “touch”.

Never the less, having an android in the cast is a boosting ticket sales!

-Ana Paula Martinez


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