The Arts! Just What the Doctor Ordered…

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

The city of Turku, Finland is launching a new initiative. Aleksi Randell, Mayor of the city, has handed over control of 5,500 tickets to cultural events throughout the city to doctors at municipal medical centers. Doctors are free to "prescribe" tickets to any number of events including theatre, orchestra concerts, "Cirque" type performances, or any other of the 50 events offered in the city at any time if they feel that the patient would benefit from these as an alternative medical treatment.

Sometimes a little culture is what we all need in our lives to feel more connected, more relaxed, and just feel better in general. Perhaps some of these people would not go to these events if they had to pay or weren’t forced by a higher authority. I think it is great that the arts in Turku may gain a few more patrons through this initiative. However, what excites me most about all of this is that the arts are being recognized on an important level. A valid important level at that. If governments start to pay more attention to the benefits that the arts bring our communities and publicly recognize those benefits, then perhaps our jobs as Arts Administrators will become a little easier. We may not have to struggle quite to hard to run organizations, and raise money, and balance the budget, and create brilliant marketing plans, all while constantly having to prove to some members of society that what we do and love is valid, valuable, and necessary in our lives.



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