Athens, Ohio Truly “Values” Their Students’ Artwork!

November 4, 2010 § 1 Comment


Earlier this quarter, I wrote about my Athens, Ohio (home to my alma mater, Ohio University) and their support of public art projects. Well, it seems that Athens is at it again! I stumbled upon another great article in an Ohio University newspaper that shows how strongly the Athens community supports art.

The article detailed how local elementary school students auctioned their art at an event called the "Art Extraveganza and Silent Auction", organized by OU’s Patton College of Education and Human Services. The students’ artwork created many bidding wars among parents and community members alike. The bids for the paintings started at $15 and several pieces got as high as $75 only minutes after the bidding had started. A benefactor of the University had offered to buy all of the paintings that didn’t receive a bid, but that person’s services weren’t needed, as every child’s paintings sold.

Half of the money from each piece goes to the student who created it, while the other half is put into a pool that is used to pay for a "wish list" of art supplies compiled by the students’ teacher. I think this is an excellent idea that really shows children the value of art. By being able to make money off of their art work, these students see that one can make a living by being creative and artistic. It places a tangible value to their efforts that empowers the student to pursue their artistic side even further, and even consider making it their profession in the future!


"Children Auction Fearless Art"


§ One Response to Athens, Ohio Truly “Values” Their Students’ Artwork!

  • theravenandthedragon says:

    I LOVE this idea and would like to try and initiate it in my own area. I am sure it would inspire children on many levels. Very impressed!

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