The fun in guessing

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Janelle Gelfand recently wrote an article full of speculation, who will be the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s next Music Director? The article essentially outlines who are “possible” candidates for becoming the heir to the CSO’s MD throne. Though I believe it is fun to guess who may be the next Music Director (based solely off of who has been here recently and who is coming here soon), does it really mean anything? I doubt anyone would have guessed that Dudamel or Muti would be the successors to their respected organizations. On another note, there are 0 comments on this article, does anyone really care?

I think what the article essentially lacks in a general sense of foresight. What makes a Music Director? Who would be right for Cincinnati? What other factors are involved in picking a new Music Director. Obviously, every concert goer wants a world class conductor, but can the layman really tell? What the audience sees is the larger than life personality spewing from the podium. The CSO is not in such an abject position as say Detroit, but that does not mean the CSO should skip on salt of the earth conductor, the one who will really try and connect the CSO to its city.



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