Artists lacking artistic intelligence?

October 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

A great blog entry by Bruce Brubaker, it involves connoisseurship of the arts. The author writes about personal experiences with artists who are not educated in their own field. He briefly discusses the concept of having an artistic sense versus having artistic knowledge. He posits that it is preposterous that a prospective DMA composition candidate applying to Julliard not knowing basic things about his craft, such as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 having a chorus in the last movement.

Should somebody be able to be a professional artist but know nothing about their field? How can schools grant degrees to a person who cannot profess their craft? How can you continue the arts by producing a new generation of uneducated artists? I think it is a sign of what is to come. It shows that “participation in the arts” involves a lack of an intellectual endeavor.

Brubaker hypothesizes that there is a growing breed of people who lack a curiosity of their form; I would extend that to a lack of desire to even experience the arts. I would go as far to say the people who should be the most engaged in the arts—artists—are the least likely to actually know their field or even attend events in support of their field. Professional musicians and music majors are the least likely to attend concerts, pay for concerts, stay through intermission, or even say positive things about the event they just attend. I would therefore state that Brubaker’s concerns are two-fold: Artists are increasingly uneducated in their craft and Artists are the least likely to support their field.

When will the artists actually support the arts?



§ One Response to Artists lacking artistic intelligence?

  • Carolyne Hall says:

    I honestly do not understand why artists wouldn’t want to go support their colleagues. This business is such a small community, very much like a family and it only makes sense that we all support and look out for each other. Not to mention , how are we supposed to grow and learn as artists if we don’t know what’s happening in our own fields?

    To address the point that artists are uneducated about their art forms, I completely agree. There is a complete lack of hunger and drive in earning an arts degree. It seems as if students today just expect to receive a degree for paying tuition without any regard to how they actual perform artistically or academically. How can they expect to be informed artists and really hone their craft if they have no idea what they’re doing? How can they expect to have a successful career? Artists need to grow up and start working for what they want which includes attending concerts, recitals, and performances.

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