A new way to watch The Ring

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Below is a link to a fascinating article regarding viewing the premiere of the Met’s new production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

"The relaxed, unselfconscious viewer I was that night was a complete change from my usual uptight theatregoing self, who inevitably spends a good chunk of his time fuming about the audience member who forgot to turn his phone off, or the one spending an eternity unwrapping a sweet, or the one loudly whispering a running commentary to her neighbour."

I love the concept of viewing a concert in a new way. I myself have experienced such phenomenons, such as by being in an outdoor venue, sounds ta’ boot, and focusing even more on the performance. I full hardily support the writers point of view with outdoor performances (which is basically the catalyst for a nosier setting) bringing a breath of fresh air to the spectator experience.

The entire article focuses on the concept of a noise free performance. It is interesting to think of the progression of the Arts in regards to mannerisms, where simple human noises are now the most disrespectful error while viewing a performance. I remember hearing stories of audiences in the 1800’s screaming, shouting, and crying during performances; when you played a monster cadenza people cheered, even while the piece is still being played. Where has this enthusiastic audience gone?




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