Musical Medicine: The Music Therapy Debate

December 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

In his article “Harp Therapy: Music as Medication,” David Was illustrates some of the benefits of music therapy. Was gives an abbreviated overview of how music therapy works, naming some specific benefits and recommending that “it can’t hurt” to employ music therapy. While the article itself is by no means scholarly, the research cited therein does lend itself to further consideration. For example, if the most respected, major research hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic advocate music therapy so greatly, why is it not more highly regarded as a legitimate means of healing? Or, more relevant to the field of arts administration: why don’t we use this to our advantage more? Clearly there is reputable research showing the benefits of music therapy, yet it is uncommon to hear about organizations utilizing it. I’m all for it. 


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