Reteetable ads to add to the social network conversation

November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Viral marketing is nothing new, but according to a recent article in Brandweek, soon we may be seeing the “retweetable” ad, thanks to a deal between Federated Media and Tweetmeme.   So now, we may begin to see share buttons on advertisements allowing the consumer to more easily repost an ad they like on Twitter.  Apparently, Digg already has Dig-gable ads and is planning to expand this product.  The Brandweek article asks how much consumers will be willing to share ads in their tweets and status updates.  If the ads are as clever as many of the viral videos out there or add value to the conversations held over social media, they may indeed successfully increase click through rates. 

I was a spectator for last week’s “biggest” holiday: Black Friday, and was stunned by the number of status updates about friends rising early to fight for the best deals at their favorite stores.  Some invited others to join them in the shop-fest.  One status update read: “Anyone want to meet at [outlet mall] at 4:30 am?”  What if the deals on HD TV’s and irregular designer hand bags had been retweetable?  No doubt the word would have spread even faster.  Shopping for many is a social event.

The Arts may find another tool in the dig gable, shareable, and retweetable advertisement.  Our younger patrons may be willing to pass an ad along, provided it adds to their conversation.  That’s the tricky part.  This tool may be an opportunity to explore when inspiring younger patrons to take part in group sales or spread the word about special 35 and under deals offered by many performing arts organizations.  I’m sure there are any number of creative ways an ad can “add to the conversation.”  The retweedable ad gives us a new avenue to explore.



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