Boldness of London Philharmonic Orhcestra’s Financial Boss

November 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Cameron Poole, a former financial director for the publicly- funded London Philharmonic Orchestra, is in a trouble because of his boldness. The orchestra believe that Poole dragged the orchestra’s money out and spent it for his personal life. The money was estimated to be  £560,000. He quit the orchestra in August, and was also kicked out of the property by his wife, Suzanne who is a Tory councillor. The orchestra and his previous bosses have launched a High Court action to get the money back, and a criminal investigation by City of London Police will be followed. According to Suzanne, she found that he spent  £4,000 for candlesticks which she thought were useless. Suzanne now fears that the family home could be taken to pay the debts. An insider said,”this has come as a real shock for Suzanne. She now faces losing her home and her political career. Suzanne has kicked him out of the house and wants nothing to do with him now.”
Has he ever had a brain? I was just amazed by his brave spirit and all the staff who didn’t even notice until the time they actually found out £560,000 was gone. Indeed, he was the expert although he unfortunately got caught at the end.
Se Hyun

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