The Fluid Piano!

November 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Geoff Smith, a Brighton-based composer and performer, invented multicultural acoustic piano called a fluid piano. The fluid piano has 88 keys just like other regular pianos, but what makes the piano totally different from others is that Smith placed sliders on the piano strings so that instead of staying on fixed sounds, performers can alter the tuning of notes before or during a performance and access to different scales.
Smith has been recently invited to take his fluid piano to a Chopin festival in Poland. It seems that the fluid piano has gained attention from classical music admirers whether or not they like this new revolutionary piano. Smith said that his dream is to get his fluid piano manufactured.
As you can see and hear on the video, it doesn’t sound like a piano at all, but I found this very exciting. Just as Bartolomeo Cristofori invented a piano and now we play and enjoy the instrument a lot, this fluid piano might be a next step of piano evolution, so whenever in the future, people play the fluid pianos and treat the regular pianos in the way we now treat all the ancestors of the piano such as harpsichords. While reading and watching the video, I thought George Crumb would love this piano.
Se Hyun

180° 달라진 야후! 메일
여러 개의 메시지를 동시에 확인? 새로운 야후! 메일의 탭으로 가능해집니다.


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