Does Street Fundraising Really Work?

November 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Daryl Upsall, a head of Madrid fund-raising consulting firm that specilizes in face to face fund-raising and Owen Watkins, a international specialist for face to face fund-raising at Unicef Switzerland, maintain that street-fundraising should be pursuing women in their late 30s, especially ones with professional jobs because they (women in late 30s) tend to be financially stable and give for long term. According to their study, donors in 20s who were recruited in face to face fund-raising tend to stop giving in a year.
They also believe that 750,000 donors will be recruited through the street fund-raising in Britain this year, and almost half of them are expected to stop giving within a year.
My question is how many organizations actually use the street fund-raising and is it really effective? Does it work? I met couple of people soliciting some donations in parking lots of some grocery stores, and each time, I didn’t give any at all because I was not sure how reliable they were. I would never want to give money or any of my personal information to some strangers that I met on the street without thoroughly knowing their organizations. I noticed that some of the solicitors were not trained well and really fail to make me understand about their organizations or the prupose of the fund-raising.
Se Hyun (Claire)

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