A Customer Loyalty Programs for Arts Presenters

November 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I received a brochure from Alkahest Artists & Attractions for a customer loyalty program for arts presenters.  I’d place a link for more information, but I couldn’t find anything about this on the web.  You can check out the Alkahest Artists management agency here.


Their “PlayPoints” brochure boasts, “PlayPoints is a reward program that will reduce the costs of your next Alkahest program!”  Essentially, the presenter earns a range of 5-40 “PlayPoints,” every time it books an Alkahest Artist.  More points are earned when the presenter spends $1000 on an exclusive attraction/artist, than when it spends $1000 on a non-exclusive attraction/artist.  The presenter earns 40 points if it books three Alkahest Artists/Attractions for a single season and 5 PlayPoints when it writes a letter of recommendation regarding an Alkahest artist/attraction.


Like many other customer loyalty programs, once a certain number of “PlayPoints” accumulate, the presenter may exchange the points for a discount on their next purchase.  In this case, 200 points may be redeemed for “PlayPoints Cash” worth $1000, which may be applied toward payment the next time the presenter books an Alkahest attraction.  Points expire after a 30 month period of inactivity.


Many managers are open to negotiating discounts or package deals when a presenter books multiple acts from the same agency, but I had not seen this kind of formalized customer loyalty program model applied by artist management.  I’m skeptical about how well it will work.  I’ve never booked any acts from this particular agency, but the rewards program made me take more than a moment to glance at their brochure.  Personally, I prefer discussing and negotiating costs on a case-by-case basis, rather than “earning points.” I also prefer the process of building a relationship with a particular agent willing to work with our budget.  The points system seems a bit cold.  It really isn’t an “either/or” situation, but for me, this particular points approach does not really enhance the appeal of working with one agency over another.


Has anyone seen the customer loyalty “reward points” model applied to other arts organizations?  Again, I’m not really sure how it would work or if it would be worthwhile. It may an interesting idea to examine. 




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