Storytelling, one tweet at a time

October 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Alright, I’m a sucker for something like this.  I just think it’s really cool.  I haven’t been keeping up on my Audiobook marketing news, and just read about BBC Audiobooks America’s recent publicity stunt to crowdsource an audio book at    Neil Gaiman, who I remember from The Sandman graphic novels I read in High School, Tweeted the first sentence of the book.  From that first sentence, participants tweeted the subsequent passages, advancing and eventually completing the story.  I found a synopsis of the completed, and undtitled book here, but haven’t seen the raw material (probably a good thing … the raw material may kill my enthusiasm for the idea itself). Apparently, BBC Audiobooks have moved the tweets into the editing process and will eventually release them in audiobook form.

I’m less concerned with reading the book, and have my doubts about the literary merit of a book assembled on twitter.  I do, however, love the idea.  It certainly generated publicity for the audiobook company.  Our art forms often require our audiences to be too passive (yawn).  We invite them to sit and watch and listen and occasionally clap … maybe laugh here or there.  If an audience member is lucky, he may suffer a coughing spell between movements and receive a cold glare from a conductor.

 And although we can’t all be improvisational comedy troupes (thank goodness), inviting our audience to chime in with an idea every now and then, maybe we can invite them to participate outside the theater or hall.  Rather than just inviting fans to “following us” on twitter, we can come up with something creative which actually invites them to engage in the creative process, like writing a book together, one tweet at a time.

That’s it.  I’m finally joining the Twitter.  Then I’m going to see if Tony Kushner wants to write a play with a couple hundred people.



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