Season Brochure

October 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

After a brief and unfinished discussion about the purpose of season brochure in our previous class, I happened to stumble upon a blog – The future of season brochure. The author perfectly describes the situation of our current season brochure process; it took so much time and resources to put together a season brochure and the end product is almost treated as the “holy grail” of the year. The writer points out that this season brochure process has remained unchanged while the world is changing rapidly around us. He suggests that with the help of new technology and lower production cost, we should customize brochure to a smaller segment of our targeted audience, such as single ticket buyer, multi-single ticket buyer, season subscriber or audiences with specific interest.

I think this is a good strategy and direction for the future of season brochure. Marketing should be more efficient by directing the appropriate marketing material to the targeted audiences. However, this segmented strategy might only work for very established arts organizations that have a detailed database/analysis of their audience demographic. Mailing out various versions of brochures to smaller segmented group might mean additional work and time for the organizations which might have been tight with resources. Regardless the challenges and difficulties of changing the traditional season brochure strategy, sending out specific mailing materials to a targeted audience segment might still worth the trial. We need to keep up with the constant changing world around us nonetheless. I am also curious about the outcome of the experimental direct mail campaign from the Arena Stage, it might shed light to the “future of season brochure” after all.



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