What about the future generation?

October 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

There have been lots of ongoing discussions in the arts sector about using social media networking websites such as facebook and twitter. It is indeed a better way of keeping in touch with the supporters and fans of the organizations without having to ask for personal mailing addresses. It is also pretty common and standard for most major orchestras to have podcast, music samples and video clips available on their websites for this internet oriented generation. As discussed in various occasions, this new technology and media does not necessary recruit new concert goers, or arts supporters in general. Personally I agree to some extend and I think this is simply a way of communication in the 21st century, a way to keep people posted about what’s happening in the most effective way. Young children, even as young as middle school children, are no strangers to texting, internet, facebook, you-tube, etc. In fact, most of them are technology oriented growing up. My 8 year old nephew showed me his favorite website and demonstrated to me how to play the online game. In addition to keeping up with the internet trend of using facebook and twitter, I think the arts sector should take a step ahead, create more media and tools for children to learn about the arts on the internet.

The SFS kids created by the San Francisco Symphony is a pretty successful example. It is an interactive website where children can learn about and listen to different orchestral instruments. They can also learn about the fundamentals of music components and compose their own musical phrases. The website also provides information about kids oriented events for children and parents who are curious to explore further. Unfortunately, I found that most major orchestras do not have such fun learning tools on their website and I think this is definitely an opportunity of investment, also an opportunity to sparkle more curiosity than simply following fans update and tweets. 

~ Gloria ~


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