Tired of regular season brochure?

September 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

The London Symphony Orchestra recently developed a digital seasonal brochure for their 09/10 season, the link can be found below:


It is not uncommon to see major arts organizations displaying events, performers profiles, updates and such in digital forms on their websites, especially in the “everything online” 21st century. Personally, I like electronics and gadgets a lot and I found most of these digital formats have come in handy often times for myself.  I have often checked concerts times and dates or prices on Orchestra official websites or their very own designed iphone apps. But this LSO brochure did impress me among the “usual” online event calendars or other brochures. Not only can you turn the pages like a real brochure, you can also listen to musical clip and watched video interactively. Like any other web browser, there is also a search function if you are looking for anything in particular. But the final thought is, no matter what approaches the orchestra is introducing this brochure to the targeted consumers, it could be orchestra going green or a more convenient access, digital or not, how could it capture the initiative of someone “opening” the brochure? or more importantly, does the digital version encourage or interest more people to attend arts events just because it is a great gadget design?


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