Nonprofit Consultants Take Note from Obama

December 8, 2008 § 1 Comment

I recently received an email from a company that serves the nonprofit
sector with patron database management, email and other technological
services. Written by the organization’s executive director, the
entire email is dedicated to admiration of “Obama’s E-Marketing
Victory.” In dissecting this portion of Obama’s campaign, he points
out six features that contributed to success:

– Crisp, clear writing
– Shorter better than longer
– Singular purpose communications
– Immediacy and relevancy
– Use of video
– Splash page on the site to capture emails effectively

I can’t say I’m completely convinced by the splash page idea,
especially since it tends to annoy the heck out of most people.
Overall however, we can’t deny the fact that most nonprofits could
learn a ton from Obama’s use of the Internet to share his mission,
engage an audience and inspire donations to a cause – three goals
among many that arts websites and email campaigns should be striving
to achieve.

– Courtney


§ One Response to Nonprofit Consultants Take Note from Obama

  • performingartsaid says:

    Hi Courtney,Thanks for this post! I think you summarized many of the things that non-profits can learn from the incredible success of Barack Obama’s campaign. It was so successful in its reach to so many people – who through small donations – made a HUGE difference. People who donated to his campaign felt they were a part of making history. And collectively, they were. In this economy, Obama’s fundraising ability was no small miracle. He obviously did something right!

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