Do Not Twitter Without Love!

December 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

With most “how-to” guides for social networking tools, you’ll be told
what to do. Being that most often people reading these guides have no
idea what to do, this would seem pretty logical. However, with tools
like Twitter that promise new ways to reach audience members and sell
their mission (and it’s free!!), it’s understandable that non-profits
sometimes let excitement take over and fail to remember the overall
goal of the organization ā€“ to make a personal connection with each

Bless the hearts of bloggers who have taken the time to remind
non-profits of this by pointing out many ways in which
social-networking can turn your audience off ā€“ especially with options
like auto-follow that can make you look more like a spammer than an
informant. Beth’s Blog
( goes
so far as to help non-profits realize whether or not Twitter is
actually a good fit. The overwhelming trend in all of this advice is
something we can all take to heart every time we sit behind a computer
screen ā€“ try not to lose the human element, and most importantly, do
not Twitter without love!

– Courtney


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