Do Free Tickets Actually Work?

December 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

In an attempt to attract young people to the theatre, the government is providing 1,000,000 free tickets to individuals under the age of 26. A major concern for theatres is will this incentive actually work.

In evaluating this initiative many questions arise:

Does the cost of a theatre ticket actually deter interested young people from attending a performance?
How will this initiative affect a performance that could sell-out at the regular ticket price?
Is simply attending one show enough to make an individual avid theatre participant?

While there are many concerns with this government subsidy, theatres across England need to evaluate the best way to implement this plan. Starting in Febuary 1,000,000 ticekts will be subsidised by the government.

This article is interesting because it points out the strong government support for the arts in Europe. I also find it intriguing that arts organizations across the world are dealing with the same issuses of audience development.

Read The Times Article


Thomas McLaughlin
Candidate MA/MBA Arts Administration
University of Cincinnati – CCM
Operations Director
New Stage Collective


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