CCM Spends $4.1Million to become an "All-Steinway" school

November 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

CCM Dean Douglas Knehans has decided to plunk down $4.1 million in order to blanket CCM with brand new Steinway pianos, 165 in all, averaging $25K/per piano.  This is noteworthy not only because it is a staggering sum of money, but aren’t we already facing a sizeable deficit, not to mention the current state of the economy?!!!


Dean Knehans is quoted as saying, “It sends a deep message about our seriousness and credibility.”  That maybe so, but it also raises questions in my mind about how the CCM budget is managed and appropriated.  Speaking from personal experience, other highly respected conservatories and schools of music possess a handful of new grand pianos, and a much larger number of uprights and old grands that have been pounded on for decades.  The nicer pianos are usually reserved for graduate level pianists while the rest are free to be abused by instrumentalists and singers. These new pianos will be great for the freshman tuba player who needs a place upon which to rest a cup of coffee…and probably spill it.


The article mentions that this initiative was to go before board on Tuesday.  That could be today, or perhaps it was last week.  The point is, that the order was put in to Steinway & Sons, it was the  LARGEST ORDER IN THEIR HISTORY, and people are reading about it in the NY Times.  If this initiative doesn’t pass, all that positive PR that the Dean was trying to create will blow up in his face….not that I think spending $4.1 million on pianos is the best way give CCM positive PR in the first place.




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