To Print or Not to Print

November 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

While other local papers are downsizing Cincinnati’s arts coverage, CityBeat remains committed to providing readers with meaningful commentary on what’s happening in Cincinnati’s arts communities. This article reiterates that newspapers are downsizing Arts coverage is getting less and less. The reason: “a misguided sense the arts are and elite luxury of interest to only a few.”

Read CityBeat Article

While CityBeat remains committed to arts coverage in print they have also turned to printing articles online. Some articles are only available online. They also have a blog, which offers recommendations for what show to see over the weekend. City Beat remains committed to arts coverage as “Cincinnati’s News and Entertainment Weekly”, however they also realize more and more people are finding information on the Internet and must continue to keep information up-to-date in both places.

I found this article fascinating as it directly related to some of the concepts we have been talking about in this class. As Arts Managers we need to be aware of the changing times and be willing to adapt our practices to be successful in the future. When working at Goodman this summer, part of my job was to clip coverage of the Goodman and its staff from the newspapers. As the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times were beginning to cover the arts less and less, I had to start searching their online sites and blogs. While we know this is happening, it will be interesting to see how we deal with change.



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