Nudity taken out of Met’s HD Telecast

October 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

For it’s most recent HD telecast, The Metropolitan Opera decided to use a variety of camera angles to cover up the fact that it’s opera’s heroine briefly appeared nude on stage. Finnish soprano Karita Matilla, who earned rave reviews as the lead in the Met’s previous production of Salome, is reprising her role this season.

The opera’s most famous scene, the Dance of the Seven Veils, ends with Salome standing naked on stage. I find the Met’s decision to avoid the nudity-in the broadcast only-interesting. On one way, It makes sense to avoid anything that would possibly offend theatre-goers, especially younger audiences who maybe aren’t expecting it. On the other hand, this is by no means standard repertoire. Most people who are interested in seeing it are aware of the nude scene, and may potentially be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

It seems strange to choose an obscure, controversial work for the telecasts, and then take away what makes it controversial.



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