Facebook = Cheap Market Research

November 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

From each network page on facebook you can find out some related statistics – from demographic and political data, top books, movies and interests – each network has a distinct personality!

Log into Facebook to check out these networks!

Cincinnati: http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67108897


New York: http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67108866 <http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67108866>




San Francisco: http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67108894 <http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67108894>




Turkmenistan: http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67109378 <http://uc.facebook.com/networks/stats.php?nk=67109378>

You can probably guess which cities have the arts as a highly ranked interest, but do you know which statistic is close across all networks? According to Facebook, about 1/3 of the world is ‘single’.

Interesting. Mahler and mixers? Facebook might not think it’s a bad idea.


Sarah Niblack

mobile: 513.226.5468

email: sarah.niblack@gmail.com

alternate: niblacsc@email.uc.edu


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