The Twisted Economics Of Harry Potter

November 15, 2007 § 1 Comment

For Chet, especially- but also because it shows quite vividly the trade off between profits and gaining market share. A few years back, I remember Potter being hailed as the rejuvinator of childrens books, and its positive effects on print media economy. Maybe not..

§ One Response to The Twisted Economics Of Harry Potter

  • Ruth says:

    this did have a big imipact on the major book retailers, but alot of independent book stores (as some comments noted in the original article) skipped the under-cutting and instead creating a Harry Potter party extravaganza and had great ROI.why? because people stayed in their stores for hours and purchased more than just harry potter merch. and probably created a lot of long-term relationships with those customers and their families. who couldn’t get into the Barnes and Noble book parties.Sure, this last book was in much more demand and retailers stood to gain pretty much NOTHING, but over all, the buzz of reading for those age groups will continue to increase exponentially.

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